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I endeavor to read all ToU's and so on prior to even downloading.  Unfortunately, there are times my browser displays the page improperly, with text and images being jumbled or unrecognizable.  No more, fortunately- THAT part has been straightened out.

However, due to one such issue, this piece cannot become what I had wished it to be.

Scully7491, who has some incredible brushes that I highly recommend, has placed a ban on any prints that have used her brushes.  As I used her set and one other lightning set to create the background, this means that this first major project I have undertaken cannot be sold as a print.

Thus, I recommend her brushes to anyone wishing high quality tools- But only if you wish to have here on dA to see and be seen, and have no intention of selling your artwork.

As it stands, this is a piece that I am very happy to have made.  However, as I do also wish to sell my artwork, I just wanted to state publicly that I'll no longer use any of her brushes.
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Submitted on
January 28, 2009