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Wholeness in the Light by Andrew-of-Dark Wholeness in the Light :iconandrew-of-dark:Andrew-of-Dark 0 8 Letter to Satan by Andrew-of-Dark Letter to Satan :iconandrew-of-dark:Andrew-of-Dark 2 4 Face To Face by Andrew-of-Dark Face To Face :iconandrew-of-dark:Andrew-of-Dark 1 0 Gentle Warrior by Andrew-of-Dark Gentle Warrior :iconandrew-of-dark:Andrew-of-Dark 1 3 KC Kitty by Andrew-of-Dark KC Kitty :iconandrew-of-dark:Andrew-of-Dark 11 4 Scion by Andrew-of-Dark Scion :iconandrew-of-dark:Andrew-of-Dark 0 0 Inspiration by Andrew-of-Dark Inspiration :iconandrew-of-dark:Andrew-of-Dark 3 6 AoD by Andrew-of-Dark AoD :iconandrew-of-dark:Andrew-of-Dark 1 2 The Night - Tratonia by Andrew-of-Dark The Night - Tratonia :iconandrew-of-dark:Andrew-of-Dark 6 13 Chaos Of The Soul by Andrew-of-Dark Chaos Of The Soul :iconandrew-of-dark:Andrew-of-Dark 0 0 Obsidian Rayne Series 2: 10 by Andrew-of-Dark Obsidian Rayne Series 2: 10 :iconandrew-of-dark:Andrew-of-Dark 0 0 Obsidian Rayne Series 2: 9 by Andrew-of-Dark Obsidian Rayne Series 2: 9 :iconandrew-of-dark:Andrew-of-Dark 0 3 Obsidian Rayne Series 2: 8 by Andrew-of-Dark Obsidian Rayne Series 2: 8 :iconandrew-of-dark:Andrew-of-Dark 0 0 Obsidian Rayne Series 2: 7 by Andrew-of-Dark Obsidian Rayne Series 2: 7 :iconandrew-of-dark:Andrew-of-Dark 0 0 Obsidian Rayne Series 2: 6 by Andrew-of-Dark Obsidian Rayne Series 2: 6 :iconandrew-of-dark:Andrew-of-Dark 0 3 Obsidian Rayne Series 2: 5 by Andrew-of-Dark Obsidian Rayne Series 2: 5 :iconandrew-of-dark:Andrew-of-Dark 0 0


Action Photoshop by AngelikaZbojenska Action Photoshop :iconangelikazbojenska:AngelikaZbojenska 473 28 Windows to the soul.... by ObsidianRayne Windows to the soul.... :iconobsidianrayne:ObsidianRayne 3 3
So, it's time for me to do a little backtracking
Like a big newspaper time to issue a retraction
I miss what we had, all the things we would do
But never in million years could I miss you
True self comes out, where was this back when
Claws come out only after it ends
Girl you had me twisted, mind brainwashed
Changed who I was for you, and got lost
OH-EM-GEE Does that hit close to home?
Sounds just like same song different tone
You did to others like he did to you
Your own twisted fucked up golden rule
Now you're gonna try to play it innocent like
Never asked no one to change, it was all me, right?
We both fuckin' know that's a bald-faced lie
If I didn't roll with it you'd have said goodbye
Back to my senses
But your cloud's in the distance
Wonder what poor sap you're raining on now
How long will it be til he feels like he's drowning
It was a year and a half of my life
Everyone remembers good times before strife
If only I could hate you, like's vice versa
Your virus dormant in my system
:iconjahs-samurai23:jahs-samurai23 1 2
Unasked-for Rescue
I remember building a castle at the edge of the ocean. The water was cold as the goodbye of an old friend so I sat on the shore and swore the tears in my eyes were just from the wind. And I wasn't sure why the grit under my fingernails hurt so much but I kept piling that sand high, reminding myself that someone wise said something once that might pick me out of the hole I'd been digging, 'cause I couldn't see the depth of my prison if I stared hard at my shaking hands.
Then someone in the sky sliced the string holding the sun up, but the moon was enough because I didn't care anymore about the castle or the hole or even my hands, just the movement. Better yet that I couldn't see the shaking, and moving is easier when you don't have to watch yourself.
I wasn't sure if it was noon or midnight or Saturday but someone touched me.
My back hurt from the weight of a million regrets and my eyes liked the dark so the candlelight seared my retinas and my name in my ears was the roar of the ocean.
:iconilla-scriptor:Illa-Scriptor 1 3
so I'll stand
sometimes I wish
I knew more about the world
sometimes I know
far too much
because when my face
is down in the dirt
and I think the mud
is thanks to my tears
I wonder what it's like
to have hands shut
instead of open
but you wouldn't know
I guess
you never turned away
not hatred
not lies
not torture
not death
your arms were wide open
even as the salt of your sorrow
dripped into
your bloodstained side
even as they spit
and they sneered
you forgave them me.
so that I could raise my face
and keep my hands open
father, forgive them
:iconilla-scriptor:Illa-Scriptor 3 1
do the impossible
i've never seen the trees
the forest's in the way
and all those grains of wood
could fill a bushel
the ocean's far too big
to examine drops of water
perhaps instead of counting
we should swim
and maybe if we jumped
instead of measuring the cliff
we could ignore little details
like gravity
and f l y
:iconilla-scriptor:Illa-Scriptor 1 1
life mission
in a moment,
in a lifetime,
i heard the world weep
they can't see,
they can't fathom,
that once a man wept for them.
so i'll live,
so i'll love,
to dry the world's tears.
and maybe one day
someone will stop crying.
:iconilla-scriptor:Illa-Scriptor 1 0
Mature content
Confessions of Touch Junkie :iconobsidianrayne:ObsidianRayne 2 3
Forever Dreams
Close my eyes just one more time
In my forever dreams maybe you'll be mine
I won't have anymore reason to cry
In my forever dreams my eyes will be dry
Sleep eternally, never awake
My forever dreams can't be fake
But if losing you's at stake
Lord, my soul, you may not take
If you're in them, I'll never part
In my forever dreams you won't break my heart
Real life stings, like a poison dart
My forever dreams are like a work of art.
Slip into them, slip away
In my forever dreams I needn't beg you to stay
The Skies are never grey
In my forever dreams you'd never stray
So let me go, without much fanfare
Waiting in my forever dreams for you to get there
Where everything is right, everything is fair
Sleeping forever, I just won't care.
:iconjahs-samurai23:jahs-samurai23 1 0
Sideshow Attraction
Come one come all for the most pitiful of sights
A lovesick boy on the stage tonight
He shuts the whole world out, watch as he cries
Hear him beg to his God to die
His body exhausted, His eyes red and puffed
This poor boy will never know When enough is enough
He fights and he fights For love yet unseen
So in walks the girl, the girl of his dreams
His heart on a yo-yo, she squeals with delight
Up and down, up and down, which will it be tonight
Now you'll want to see this, folks gather 'round
Every now and then, she makes his heart hit the ground
Now it's covered with gravel, covered with dirt
But our lovesick boy just smiles through the hurt
He can't make it end, he can't pull the trigger
Convinced they're destined for something much bigger
Ladies and gentlemen, you're getting your nickel's worth
Our boy here loves the girl more than anything on earth
And fortunately for him, she feels the same
But they aren't the only players in this sordid game
There's more to this story, if you'd lik
:iconjahs-samurai23:jahs-samurai23 1 0
Salt stings my eyes
Treading water is wearing out my thighs
Fatigue submerges me anew
My view of the world now askew
I desperately reach out for the edge
But my hands find no purchase on the ledge
Saline overload on my tongue
As the deluge fills my lungs
I begin to panic momentarily
Then the calm washes over me
Blink once more, it's my last
Eyes open lifeless, as if made of glass
A boy floating face down, such a fool
His tears filled up this massive pool
:iconjahs-samurai23:jahs-samurai23 1 0
MAJIN BUU - Dragon Ball Z by energise MAJIN BUU - Dragon Ball Z :iconenergise:energise 6,791 1,440 Thinkin' what I'm thinkin'? by Lily-pily Thinkin' what I'm thinkin'? :iconlily-pily:Lily-pily 111 25 Cryonian Peek by LAS-T Cryonian Peek :iconlas-t:LAS-T 112 86 Forever Love by rocamiadesign Forever Love :iconrocamiadesign:rocamiadesign 215 79


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Andrew James R.
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
My current favorite quote:

Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.
John F. Kennedy

Frankly, we as humans were never made to "forgive and forget."

I am a deep thinker, an artist of unusual sorts, a writer, a speaker and a singer.

I am a poet disguised as a warrior, and a warrior disguised as a gentleman.

I am simply who I am, nothing more and nothing less. I will be whatever it is I am meant to be, and I accept that simply.

Faith, no matter who you are, drives every one of us. Where is yours?

Current Residence: Somewhere between Heaven and Hell
Current Employment: Graphic Designer - Freelance
Writer - Novel in pre-production
Musician - Mixtape in 1 month
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium
Favourite genre of music: all
Operating System: PC
Personal Quote:
"You take my life, if you feel you must
"It ain't just a slogan- In God I trust
"I ain't perfect, but I forgive and I try
"No matter the struggle- I signed up to die"


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