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Avatars: KC Kitty, Gentle Warrior and Scion

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 26, 2009, 8:11 PM

So a few weeks ago, I got this overwhelming urge to create avatars for a bunch of friends of mine.  Out of sixty offers, I got about seven saying they'd like one.  Not bad for never having done gifts like this before.

KC Kitty was done for a friend of mine who is very much a cat lover.  She also likes black, red, white and green for colors.  She loves to write, and loves music.  It took shape pretty quickly, once I got some of the initial layout worked out in my head.
This is one piece that has REALLY gone much further than I ever anticipated.  Thanks to features by :iconrocamiadesign: and :icongracefromgod:, I have had a "fav-fest" to a degree I didn't think I'd see.  My thanks to these wonderful folks for the feature!

Gentle Warrior was done for my second friend.  She loves the fae in ways I cannot adequately describe.  That being said, she is extremely bold, but also very gentle.  She can be very delicate, but she is able to endure a great deal.  My nickname for her is Desert Rose.  
For this reason, I developed an avatar that depicts a fairy in battle armor, resting in an oasis.  She's got her sword at ready, yet she's taken the time to smell a rose and enjoy the beauty around her for the moment.
It can be seen here:…

Scion is a picture inspired by a goof-off video sent by a friend of mine.  His username on our common forum is, you guessed it, Scion.  The video is of him in full "ninja" mode, flowing in eloquence and romance period loquaciousness.  I loved it!  
Thus, I was inspired to take a frame from that video, and combine it with elements from various motorcycle pictures as well as effects from my new Photoshop program.  The end result is this pretty sick metallic ninja staring through your soul.
It can be seen here:…

As stated, these came from a project where I decided to make avatars for my friends.  I've done a few things like this commercially, and I've decided that I will begin to offer avatars as a promotional tool form my other artwork.
So there you are- If you like the work, and would like a custom made avvie, shoot me a message.

Thanks again, everyone, for all of your support!

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July 26, 2009